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Telescoping Cool TROM™

TROM offers state-of-the-art range-of-motion control and locking capabilities. Only TROM allows flexion and extension adjustments at the touch of a button and a quick lock from 0 to 90 degrees in 10 degrees increments. The ease-of-use and versatility of the TROM can support a variety of protocols following major ligament surgery, meniscal repairs, patella realignment, regenerative chondroplasty and stable femoral fractures.

Features & Benefits

  • Innovative, easy-to-use hinge
  • Quick-lock mechanism from 0° to 90°
  • Brace can extend to ankle to help prevent migration
  • The TROM hinge has extension stops at 0°, 10°, 20° and 30°
  • The TROM hinge has flexion stops at 30˚, 40°, 70°, 90° and “open”
  • Drop lock hinge
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