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Improving Patient Care while Maximizing Profits for Today's Healthcare Providers

In today’s healthcare environment, it has become increasingly difficult for healthcare providers to make the kind of money they need to support their practices. Insurance dollars continue to shrink and reimbursable services are continuing to disappear. At Nexia Medical, we have a team of individuals with over 20 years of healthcare experience in ancillary services. We are committed to partnering with physicians to create profit centers through adding programs that not only drive incremental revenue but also offer valuable treatment options to their patients.

  • How much are you paying for your lower back braces (LSOs) and other DME? Let us give you a free quote.
  • Are you not realizing the clinical and financial benefits of pharmacogenomic/DNA testing (personalized medicine)?
  • Do you not have immaculate customer service and quick turn around times with your toxicology?
  • Are you writing scripts for patients and sending to and O & P, and not capturing that revenue?


Nexia Medical helps healthcare providers maximize revenue with the world’s finest, innovative, and cutting edge treatments and programs designed to prevent injury, relieve pain, and restore function. We help physicians practice smarter and more profitable medicine.


We aim to enhance the practice and business of medicine throughout the country. We intend to accomplish this through successful and value-conscious business operations driven by our world-class team in concert with our esteemed customers and partners.

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As simple as it might sound, ensuring that the patient understands how to use his or her equipment properly is fundamental to ensuring successful patient outcomes. Nexia Medical’s support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Comprehensive, continuous training by industry professionals provides our staff with the knowledge required to properly support Doctors providing primary care.

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