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Cervical Traction

Features & Benefits

Cervical Traction

  • Patented hand pump makes it easy to increase or decrease traction force
  • Quick release button to release traction force
  • Independently adjustable neck wedges provide a custom fit
  • Memory pillow conforms comfortably to the head

Lumbar Traction

  • Traction can be performed on a bed – the patient does not have to stoop down to the floor for treatments
  • Deluxe carrying case incorporates detachable wheels for enhanced portability and doubles as a padded treatment surface for added comfort
  • Ensures safety – user has total control of the force at all times with the patented hand held pump and easy to read gauge. Blow-off valve limits the amount of traction force
  • Includes padded, non-slip harnesses for a more comfortable fit
  • Allows the patient to maintain clinical gains between appointments
  • Perform daily treatments in the home, workplace, or when traveling
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